Rainbow 6


  • Matches will consist of a TDM Bomb site with pro league settings except the HUD will be normal.
  • Event consists of 8 rounds with objective selection parameter - 2 and an attackers\defenders role swap will after 4 matches.
  • It will be pick and ban style selection including reveal and sixth phase.
  • Maps that are being played are Villa, Oregon, Coastline, Border, Clubhouse, Consulate, and Bank.
  • Team captains will do coin tossing the winner can select first attack or defence.
  • Maps can be banned by teams and the left out map will be played.
  • Objective selection parameter: If defender won the round he can’t select same location for next 2 rounds.

  • Every match will be 5v5 and each team can have a maximum 5 members.
  • Every participant should have a valid college ID.
  • Matches mostly might turn up into knockouts depending on time constraint.
  • Participants are advised to bring their own laptops and accessories for better gaming experience. In cases of on the spot participation organisers can provide laptop and accessories.
  • In case of dispute the decision of authorities is final.


  • Rs 8,000


  • March 2, 2019


  • Asif M : 9061398353



FINESSE'19 The much awaited FINESSE'19 tournament is finally back. Get a chance to showcase your talent LIVE on stage of Conscientia. Play with the finest gamers in IIST and get a chance to win some pride and money.


  • The prize money will be decided on the basis on the number of participants.
  • Finals will be held LIVE on the Conscientia main stage
  • Registration Fee: 100 INR per team (2 players in a team)
  • A team will be chosen by the participant based on the payment method. THE QUICKER YOU PAY, THE BETTER THE TEAM YOU CAN CHOOSE ( No restriction of League )
  • You are allowed to play with either joystick or keyboard. (One team cannot have two players using the keyboard.)
  • The Tournament will be a knockout with 2 legs for a team which will be conducted on the same day or another according to the wishes of both the teams.
  • Participants should have a valid student ID card
  • The decision of the organisers and coordinators will be final and abiding.


  • Rs 2,000


  • March 3, 2019


  • Priyanshu : 8078296379